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Washing Instructions

• Your sling may require infrequent washing.

• Please unthread your sling before washing it.

• To keep your cotton or silk sling in superior condition, HAND WASH in a pail with mild detergent.

• Do not leave your sling sitting in water for any extended period of time.  A few swishes should clean general dirt from your sling.

• Never use bleach of any kind.

• Hand rinse then spin in your washing machine, or put it in the machine for rinse and spin.

• Cotton slings may be machine washed in cold water with like colours. Dark colours may bleed.

• For very best results silk slings should be dry-cleaned.

• Silk slings may be machine washed alone in cold water on a delicate cycle.

• Silk will lose some sheen when machine-washed but will gain softness.

• To keep your rings in good condition and to protect your washer, please put socks over the rings.

ALWAYS HANG TO DRY!!  Using a machine to dry may result in your sling shrinking or fading.

• Slings may need ironing. Please iron on a medium setting on the INSIDE of the fabric. Especially important to do so while ironing a silk sling.

• Taken care of properly and gently, your sling should give you years of enjoyment!