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Baby Wearing Help - Nursing / Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in the sling means freedom for mom and contentment and sustenance for baby. Be sure to watch our video for more information.

  • Breastfeeding in the sling is “advanced babywearing”. You will need to be comfortable with both breastfeeding and babywearing before you can do both at once.
  • Like riding a bicycle, breastfeeding in the sling can be challenging at first, but soon it will be second nature. Being able to walk around while meeting baby's need to nurse gives a new mom tremendous freedom. It is worth every bit of effort.
  • When first learning to breastfeed in the sling, it can be helpful to start out in a seated position. (See image at right.) This method is particularly helpful with babies who resist nursing in the sling.
  • Put the sling on and loosen it until it is so loose, baby will not notice it.
  • Put the baby in the loosened sling, and latch baby on. Baby’s head will be opposite the rings, and baby’s feet will hang out of the sling, below the rings.
  • Once baby is nursing contentedly, gradually tighten the sling around baby. Pull the fabric through in a direction that keeps it spread in the rings. (Example: to tighten the middle, pull straight down. To tighten the outside rail, pull to the side.)
  • CHECK in a mirror to be sure baby is totally supported by sling. Make sure baby's bottom is supported by the sling.
  • With the baby nursing in the snug sling, you can stand up and walk around.
  • Baby will nurse on the side opposite the rings. To nurse the baby on the other breast, take the sling off and put it on with the rings on the other side.
  • When starting from a standing position (see second photo at right), first loosen the top rail.
  • Reach through the bottom of the sling to steer baby from the bottom. Put your hand between the baby's clothing and the sling.
  • Shift the baby's legs to the side under the rings, and baby's head to the breast opposite the rings. Latch the baby on.
  • You may need to adjust the height of the sling up or down to get baby's head to breast level.
  • While nursing, you may need to support baby’s shoulders with your wrist. You won't be completely hands-free, but you will be able to do things that require two hands, like typing or pushing a shopping cart.
  • For more information about breastfeeding in the sling, see video.
  • You can also breastfeed a baby who can sit up in the hip carry.