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Baby Wearing Help - Kangaroo Carry

Kangaroo carry is typically used from 3 to 6 months, when baby wants to see the world but can't sit up unassisted. Be sure to watch our video on using the kangaroo carry.

  • Put the sling on with rings in corsage position. See this video.
  • Adjust the main body of the sling to the right height - just below your navel for kangaroo position. See video.
  • Spread the fabric around the rings and loosen the outside edge. When the fabric is spread around the rings, it should look like this.
  • Leave the top rail of sling - the edge away from your body - loose until baby is in sling.
  • Create a wall of fabric against your body (shown at right). This is the pocket that baby will sit in.
Cradle Carry
  • Hold baby on your shoulder opposite the rings. Baby's back will rest on your shoulder. Cross baby's legs.
Kangaroo Carry
  • Pull front fabric around baby with one hand as you settle baby into sling, keeping baby's legs crossed in front.
  • CHECK to make sure wall of fabric is between you and baby. Baby should be centered in pocket of fabric.
Kangaroo Carry
  • Once baby is in position, tighten slack in the top rail (the edge away from your body) by pulling up and over across the body.
  • Pull shoulder folds out to cup your shoulder. See video.
Tummy to Tummy Hold
  • Baby should lean back against you, not lean forward.
  • Use caution not to pinch baby's fingers in rings.
  • CHECK your positioning in a mirror.
  • To take baby out, loosen the top rail. Reach under both of baby’s arms with both hands. Pull baby straight up onto your shoulder.
  • For more information on the kangaroo carry, watch this video.
Kangaroo Carry