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Baby Wearing Help - Tummy to Tummy

Tummy to tummy hold is typically used from birth to 3 months. Be sure to watch our video of tummy-to-tummy with legs in, and our other video of tummy-to-tummy with legs out.

  • Put the sling on with rings in corsage position. See this video.
  • Adjust the main body of the sling to the right height - usually just above your navel for tummy to tummy position. See video.
  • Spread the fabric around the rings and loosen the outside edge. When the fabric is spread around the rings, it should look like this. See video.
  • Leave the top rail of sling - the edge away from your body - loose until baby is in sling.
  • Hold baby on shoulder opposite rings in burp position, as shown at right.
Tummy to Tummy Hold
  • Legs in (shown at right): Create a pocket for baby by pulling a wall of fabric against your body. Cross baby’s feet in front of her and settle her into the sling tummy to tummy. See video.
  • Tighten top rail as described below.
Tummy to Tummy Hold
  • Legs out: reaching through the bottom of the sling with your free hand, pull baby’s feet through sling.
  • With one hand, support and lower baby into sling. Use the other hand to pull the fabir up around baby.
  • See video.
Tummy to Tummy Hold
  • Bend and spread baby’s legs in frog position, with baby's bottom lower than knees.
  • Once baby is in position, tighten slack in the top rail (the edge away from your body) by pulling up and over across the body.
Tummy to Tummy Hold
  • CHECK your positioning in a mirror. Fabric should cover baby from neck to knees.
  • This position replicates a natural in-arms carry.
  • CAUTION: Baby could slide out if positioned improperly.
  • For more information on the tummy to tummy hold, watch this video of tummy-to-tummy with legs in, and our other video of tummy-to-tummy with legs out.
Tummy to Tummy Hold
  • To take baby out, loosen the top rail. Loosening the entire sling is not necessary.
  • It may help to lift the baby's weight slightly with one hand while loosening the sling with the other hand.
Tummy to Tummy Hold
  • Reach inside the sling and lift baby under the arms.
Tummy to Tummy Hold
  • Lift baby straight up onto your shoulder in burp position. If you lift UP, not out, you will not need to loosen the sling much to get the baby out.
  • Pull the fabric off the baby with one hand as you hold baby with the other hand.
Tummy to Tummy Hold