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Baby Wearing Help - Toddler

Yes, you CAN use a ring sling as a back carrier! Toddler back position is recommended for babies 15 months and up who are walking steadily.

  • ONLY use this position with a cooperative toddler who is accustomed to riding in the sling.
  • If toddler begins to resist the sling, take toddler out of the sling IMMEDIATELY.
  • ONLY use this position if you are an experienced babywearer, with hip carry experience.
  • Put sling on with rings high on your shoulder.
  • Put toddler in hip carry, starting with toddler toward the back of your hip.
  • Put your arm in front of toddler.
  • With a quick "lift and shift", scoot sling around so toddler is riding piggy back. Rings should end up in the middle of your chest, and fabric should be spread across your chest.
  • Toddler should be on the back of your hip, as you might hold her in arms when bending over to pick up a toy off the floor.
  • As with hip carry, baby's bottom should be below knees, and baby's legs should be wrapped around your body.
  • CHECK in a mirror to be sure fabric is spread from toddler’s shoulders to knees.
  • Once baby is in position, tighten slack in the top rail (the edge away from your body) by pulling up and over across the body.
Tummy to Tummy Hold
  • If toddler begins to resist the sling, take toddler out IMMEDIATELY.
  • To take toddler out, scoot toddler back to hip. Take toddler out the top as illustrated in tummy to tummy position, or squat down and carefully let toddler out the bottom, onto his feet. Use caution to ensure toddler does not become entangled in the sling.