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Why Choose ZoloWear

ZoloWear Baby SlingTHE TAIL 

ZoloWear tails are beautiful and wide across the bottom, measuring approximately 28 inches across when spanned out.  Once on, it’s tail hangs in a soft flow giving a lovely look.  The tail of the ZoloWear sling is it’s most versatile and appealing feature.  The fabric is threaded through the two metal rings, and then back through one ring, much like you would thread a belt, and once it has been threaded remains threaded until you need  to wash the sling.  The tail has two side rails to it which makes this sling incredibly quick and easy to use!

On the inside of every ZoloWear sling is a very beautiful large zippered pocket.  This enables you to carry baby’s soother or your credit cards, etc. in the pocket when going shopping, without the inconvenience of also having to carry a purse.  ZoloWear’s large pocket enables mom to make quick trips into a mall without even needing to take in a diaper bag.

However the best feature of the tail of the ZoloWear sling  is that it is a built in nursing cover that you can flip up over your opposite shoulder for privacy and convenience while nursing your baby in the sling. Once baby is latched on to breastfeed, simply adjust the top rail snugly to provide all the discretion you need.


One of the most important features of a sling is comfort.  You want your sling to be comfortable on your shoulder, but also across your back.  The way a sling spans out across your back will determine whether or not you can comfortably carry your baby for an extended period of time without pain. ZoloWear shoulders are not padded with “ extra” padding, but have been sewn with many layers of fabric to rest comfortably on your shoulder.   The fabric then is sufficiently wide enough to span out across your back, dispensing baby’s weight evenly and comfortably.  ZoloWear slings are not bulky, thus keeping mommy and baby cooler.


There are three basic fabric choices in ZoloWear slings.  Silk, Cotton and Organic Cotton.   The  “silk” slings we carry are made with a very heavy duty, durable fabric.  The beauty of the silk fabric is that silk is such a “natural” fabric that it is extremely breathable.  It has a tendency to cool down in warmer weather and heat up in cooler weather.  It has a gorgeous sheen and feels like it has great substance to the fabric.  In spite of being labeled “dry clean”, the silk slings are easily hand washable.  Refer to our washing instructions for more complete details.

ZoloWear “cotton” fabrics are made with very heavy duty cotton fabric which is extremely durable and 3% Lycra to provide a gentle stretch.  A small amount of our plain cotton fabrics are made of organic cotton.


ZoloWear is designed to carry your baby in six different safe positions from birth to approximately 30 lbs.  Three of these positions are used mainly during infancy and three of these positions are used to carry older babies.  We recommend not carrying your baby in your sling if it is premature or is a tiny baby under 8 lbs.  We also recommend that you not start using your sling until your baby has gained some degree of strength in their neck, which is usually around a week or two old.  It is imperative to always be able to see your child’s head and breathing area.  The most commonly used position for your newborn to be carried in your sling is tummy to tummy, with baby being completely encased inside the sling basket,  with their head near Mommy’s heart.  When baby is older, they can still be carried tummy to tummy with their legs coming out the bottom of the sling and going around mom’s waist.  When a baby is older, they can be carried kangaroo (front facing), hip position or a toddler can be carried on the back.

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